Teaching the art of ballet in true classical form…

Our dancers gain lifelong confidence and elegance as they learn choreography to timeless music, set and reach personal goals, and enjoy the accomplishment of performing before an audience.

OUR MISSION is to inspire lasting love and appreciation for ballet through superb training, artistic excellence, and performance opportunities.


Students at Classical Ballet have the opportunity to train from Pre-School through Advanced levels. They will gain performance experience, participate in outreach service within our community, and become eligible to dance with our Youth Performance Company.

Our Faculty represents many years of training at high levels, performance experiences, and teaching background. They are committed to communicating their knowledge of ballet to each student with kindness, clarity, and personal attention. Enthusiasm for their craft is evident in each class they teach. Please review their bios on our Faculty page.

Joy and positive instruction set the tone, and positive correction with encouragement will be reflected in the attitude of our teachers. It is our intent that students experience the satisfaction that comes from doing their best—class by class.

Students in all divisions will dance in our Spring Showcase. Students in the Academy Division will be eligible for other performance opportunities.

The Classical Ballet school is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Pre-Ballet Division

    Pre-ballet 3, Pre-ballet 4, Pre-ballet 5: This Division focuses on preparatory ballet movement training for our three- to five-year-old students using fun and innovative age-appropriate methods.

  • The Children’s Division

    In levels C-1, C-2 and C3, our first through third graders begin learning the fundamentals of traditional classical ballet, including proper posture, placement, technique, and artistic expression.

  • The Academy Division

    A-I, A-II, A-III, A-IV, A-V and Intermediate: This Division is distinguished by consistent attendance in multiple classes per week, increasing in technical difficulty, and more nuanced artistic expression. Master classes with guest teachers will be held periodically.

    Pre-pointe and pointe work will be introduced through the Academy Division. This is an exciting and serious progression in ballet training. Safety considerations for still developing bones, joints, and muscles are of utmost concern in determining a student’s readiness. Strength of feet, legs, body core, consistent correct placement, posture, balance, ability to use and maintain turnout, as well as independent attention to technique are all factors in determining when a child is able to begin pointe work. We feel eleven is the minimum age to “go en pointe.” At ten years of age, they may begin pre-pointe.

  • Musical Theatre Jazz

    We welcome Brandy Brown Pendleton and her great expertise in Musical Theatre Jazz. Our students are taught Broadway musical history and choreography, as they explore this wonderful dance opportunity.  They enjoy dancing through various Broadway shows, from Oklahoma to Annie...with many more!

  • Enrichment

    We realize that some students want to dance for personal enrichment, and do not desire to train at an intensive level. We welcome all students and are happy to work with them in achieving their personal goals.

Our curriculum is based on the traditional classical ballet syllabus. We maintain a system of progression based upon achievement of skills. Movement within the levels is at the discretion of Faculty, for the good of the child.

Classical Ballet of Mobile is committed to the whole child and to helping each student develop a lifelong love of this beautiful art form - regardless of age and level of ability.

We are grateful for your support and patronage.