Professional Ballerina Shares What's In Her Dance Bag!


In case you haven’t seen me around the studio this past year, or are new to Classical Ballet of Mobile, my name is Kelley Ann Mitchell and I am a professional ballet dancer who began her dance journey in Mobile under Mrs. Pam and Mr. Corey. I think I first had Mrs. Pam as a teacher when I was about six years old. Before I left home at 17 to train at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet full time, I had decided that ballet was what I wanted to do with my life. 

Through ballet, I have been able to live in some pretty fun places around the country. After I graduated from high school and left CPYB, I went on to Charlotte Ballet, Nevada Ballet Theatre, and most recently these past two years at City Ballet of San Diego. In a few weeks I will be moving to Palm Beach, Florida to dance with Ballet Palm Beach!  All that being said, I’ve had quite enough time to learn what I like to keep in my dance bag to help me be a successful dancer, and I’d like to share that with you!

I find that it helps to have an athletic-type of bag with many pockets or compartments that is resistant to sweat and holds up nicely. Mine is from Lululemon and my previous Lululemon bag held up for eight years! I just got this one a few months ago. I will always invest a little more to have a nicer bag, because I know I won’t have to replace it as often. 

A few things I always keep in my dance bag are: 

  • TheraBand

  • Foot roller and a golf ball (to roll out my feet)

  • Some kind of ball to roll out my calves and anything else that is sore

  • Hairpins & hairspray

  • A stitch kit with scissors

  • Foot odor spray (as well as deodorant)

  • Second-skin squares and toe tape

  • Trash-bag pants to warm up in and, of course, my bag of pointe shoes and flat shoes.

If you had to ask me what I can’t live without, it would be my pink foam roller. I use this thing multiple times a day, before class, after class, and even when I’m not dancing. I find that it really helps me recover and not develop any extreme soreness.

I like to keep a jacket, an extra leotard, pair of tights, and a few skirts in there, as well! 

As always, keep dancing!! 

Kelley Ann xoxo


Kelley Ann Mitchell

Ballet Palm Beach

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